Chapter Governance

The position of Chapter Advisor of Governance sits on the ARMA Canada board and is responsible for advising Canadian ARMA Chapter Presidents and Presidents Elects/Vice Presidents, and Past Presidents in two topic areas:
  1. Chapter Governance and Board Issues. ARMA Canada advises chapter leaders on how best to build their board, serve their membership, and rectify board and member concerns. Presidents and presidents elect/Vice Presidents may reach out to the Chapter Advisor of Governance for clarification on these and related topics.      
  2. Bylaws.  ARMA Canada provides advice to chapters on bylaws issues as these relate to the chapter board members and to ARMA Canada and ARMA International.

This role works in collaboration with the ARMA Canada Region Director and with the operations, marketing and program chapter advisor roles to assist chapter leadership in ensuring their success. Primary communication with Chapter Leaders is done through email, forum space and quarterly conference calls.