Chapter Marketing and Communications

The position of Chapter Advisor, Marketing/Communications sits on the ARMA Canada board and is responsible for advising Canadian ARMA chapters in two topic areas:

  1. Marketing and Communications: Not only will we advise you on how best to market your benefits and events to your membership, but we will help you to reach out to non-members, including targeting individuals as well as other professional associations.  This will include:
    • Providing advice on how to ensure your electronic communication campaigns (ie. email blasts) remain compliant with the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL),
    • Providing proofreading and wordsmithing for your outgoing communications to help ensure that ARMA is represented in a professional manner,
    • Providing standardized templates of hardcopy marketing materials that are not only easy to use, easy to order, and contain applicable, up-to-date content, but also give chapters the ability to customize them to add their own branding and content,
    • Providing templates and sample wording for all kinds of marketing communications.
  2. Branding: We provide advice to chapters on how to protect their brand, the ARMA Canada brand, and the ARMA International brand.  We will also provide guidance on how and when to use branding from all three levels.

The majority of day-to-day communications between the Chapter Advisor for this portfolio and relevant board members will be conducted via email as well as the restricted area of the ARMA Canada Forums. 

Documents specifically related to Marketing/Communications (for example, the guide to CASL) can be found in the  folder Marketing and Communications Document Library folder .  

Jon Weston is in his second year as Chapter Advisor for Marketing/Communications.

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