The Distinguish Member Award honors a long-standing ARMA Canada member who contributed time and talent to advance the Canadian Region of ARMA International and the Records and Information profession. 

The Recipient of this award will have made a major, definable contribution to ARMA Canada and/or the Profession, by providing extraordinary service, ingenuity, leadership and performing with high integrity. They will also possess a positive reputation in areas of ethics, professional responsibility, and professional standards.

The award will normally be granted on a less‑than‑annual basis.


Completed nominations must be received by the Chair of the Awards and Grants Committee by April 15 of each year

Eligibility and Selection

  1. The nominee must be a Canadian member of ARMA International in good standing.  Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  2. A minimum of two (2) ARMA Canada members can nominate another member for this award.
  3. The nominator’s must complete the nomination form for the Distinguished Member Award, providing a description of the nominee’s accomplishments that have impacted the records and information management profession and/or ARMA Canada.  Nomination must include description of how the nominee’s superior performance helped achieve the goals and objectives of ARMA Canada.  Each nominator must complete the Distinguished Service Award Nomination Form.
  4. Once the ARMA Canada Awards and Grants Committee has determined the recipients for the Award, the nominator’s will be notified.
  5. The decisions of the Committee are final.

Optional Printable Form

If you are completing the printable version of the form, please email to:


document Download the Form  


Complete the Form Online

ARMA Canada Distinguished Member Award Nomination Form
  1. We, the undersigned, respectfully request the ARMA Canada Awards and Grants Committee’s consideration of the following individual, as a nominee to receive the Distinguished Member Award. To the best of our knowledge, this nominee is eligible and is well deserving of this honour.
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