You can complete the online form below, or optionally download a copy of the Grant Application Form to print and complete off-line.

Application Deadlines

Leadership Grants must be received by the Awards and Grants Chair by March 1 of each year. All other Grants can be received anytime throughout the year and will be reviewed by the Awards and Grants Committee within a month.

Optional Printable Form

If you are completing the printable version of the form, please email to:

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Leadership Grant

Purpose: To assist a Chapter in sending a representative from its Board of Directors to the annual Leadership Meeting. Preference is for incoming Presidents. Recipients will submit expenses, receipts for travel, accommodations and any meals not covered at Leadership, according to ARMA Canada’s Travel Policy. Up to $1,000 will be granted per Chapter. This grant can only be used for one board member.

Mandatory Requirements and Supporting Information:

  • Recipient must currently serve on a Chapter’s Board of Directors.
  • Provide proof of the Board of Directors support for applicant attending
  • Provide Chapter(s) financial statement(s)

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CRM Grant

Purpose: To assist a member financially in obtaining their Certified Records Manager designation. Up to $250 will be reimbursed to an ARMA Canada Member per year.

Mandatory Requirements and Supporting Documentation:

  • Provide transcript showing the part(s) passed and date(s)
  • Provide proof of no financial support from employer
  • Provide proof of payment

Note: Reimbursement will only be considered for tests taken within a year that the grant application is submitted.

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Publishing Award

Purpose: To encourage members to share their knowledge and raise awareness of the Records and Information Management Profession and ARMA. This award is $250 cash.

Mandatory Requirements and Supporting Documentation:

  • The Article must be published in a professional publication, such as IM Journal, newspaper.
  • The Article must be specific to Records and Information Management and promote ARMA and/or the profession.
  • Provide a copy of the published article

Note: This award will only be granted to applications made within a year of the article being published.

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Special Project Grant

Purpose: To financially support a Chapter or Region to undertake new projects to promote the Records and Information Management Profession and ARMA within their community. Up to $5,000 may be awarded.

Mandatory Requirements:

  • Provide Project Charter, which includes deliverables, timelines and resources (people and finances)
  • Provide itemized project budget
  • Provide Chapter(s) financial statement(s)
  • This is a one-time project and is not intended to be ongoing.

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Chapter Speaker Grant

Purpose: To assist a Chapter in providing a high-quality speaker to their membership for educational or special events. Up to $500 will be provided to a chapter.

Mandatory Requirements and Supporting Documentation:

  • Describe the event or educational session, including speaker bio and summary of session
  • Advise what the grant money will be used for (ex: travel, speaker fees)
  • Provide Chapters financial statement

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