ARMA Canada Mentorship Program For

New IM Professionals

ARMA Canada Mentorship Program

ARMA Canada is committed to building a strong RiM Community. Emerson

The ARMA Canada is therefore pleased to be able to offer a mentorship program for new records and information professionals who are ARMA members in good standing or a student studying in the field of Records and Information Management. Students need not be a member at while in the mentoring program.

Purpose of Program

The ARMA Canada Mentorship Program promotes the development of Canadian professionals new to the profession of Records and Information Management by strengthening their professional capacity through meaningful mentorship opportunities and relationships.

The program achieves this by facilitating the integration of new RIM professionals into the Canadian Information community by matching them with mentors who may advise and guide them on work and career management issues.

The Value of Mentoring

There are advantages for both in the relationship. The mentee will certainly benefit both personally and professionally from the intervention. The mentor will learn or refresh their knowledge simply by having to teach and answer questions about it. In addition the mentee can provide knowledge about other areas of the organization as well as provide a useful way to spot future talent for the mentor.

Mentoring has proven to be a useful tool in retention of employees. (Holloway, J.H., 2001) It has also shown to strengthen. It is also a form of recognition and reward to the mentee. It helps both the mentor and mentee recognize their abilities and limitations and highlights areas for future development. It can increase motivation in both mentor and mentee Performance has been significantly improved by all these outcomes.

Guidelines for Program
  • Download a copy of the Mentoring program guidelines here.
Application Process 

Application for the 2016/2017 mentorship program is now OPEN.


View 2016 Application Form - If you are interested in being a mentor or mentee, complete the form.

NOTE – NEW for 2017. If you are wish to be a mentor please include your resume with your application.*

Send the completed scanned work as a pdf or word document to the ARMA Canada Mentorship Coordinator directly. 

Deadline for Submission is now September 30th. Post this date, email the coordinator directly to see about availability. The new program year runs from  September 2016 to June 2017.