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Sagesse, Journal of Canadian Records and Information Management,

An ARMA Canada Publication

Sagesse*,  Journal of Canadian Records and Information Management ,  an ARMA Canada Publication, is an electronic publication, available on the ARMA Canada website for practitioners in records and information management (RIM) and information governance (IG). This resource offers a hybrid approach to RIM-IG by showcasing practical and theoretical articles, publications and scholarly research focusing on Canadian issues, governance, concerns, laws, regulations, ethics, history, standards and practices.

While the primary focus is Canadian content, we will include and welcome articles from non-Canadians focusing on thoughtful challenges to the accepted methods of recordkeeping,   soul-searching research in the RIM-IG industry and theoretical and pragmatic frameworks to understand our industry and the profession and to determine, is there a better way?

This publication is a vehicle for you to share your RIM-IG success stories, lessons learned, how-to-do aspects of RIM,  biographies of Canadian RIM pioneers and leaders and research in RIM-IG topics.   We encourage you to share your experiences as this is your publication, and we need to hear from you!

Sagesse, Journal of Canadian Records and Information  Management ‘s committee includes: Uta Fox, CRM, ARMA Canada Director of Canadian Content; Christine Ardern, CRM, FAI; John Bolton, MA, MLS; Alexandra (Sandie) Bradley, CRM, FAI and Stuart Rennie, JD, MLIS, BA (Hons.).

To find out more about contributing articles or for more information please contact us at:

Quick facts:

  • Currently Sagesse is published bi-annually.
  • Canadian RIM and IG practitioners and those in complimentary industries are welcome to contribute to the publication.
  • Non-Canadians are welcome to contribute.
  • All articles are peer-reviewed.
  • Articles should be original content.
  • Authors must sign an Author Agreement.
  • Researched articles must cite sources.

*The name sagesse (pronounced “sa-jess”) is a French word that means wisdom, good sense, foresight and sagacity.